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Wall of the city of Galaxidi

The wall of the city, which dates back to the 3rd century BC, the period of the domination of the Aetolian League, made it one of the most protected ports of the Corinthian Gulf. The cemetery excavated in Heroes’ Square and other burial monuments have provided rich evidence.

Did you know that the picturesque Galaxidi with its rich maritime tradition was built on the site of an ancient city, Chaleion?

The continuous occupation of the area of Galaxidios, but also the use of lithoplint for the construction of modern port facilities, contributed to the extensive destruction of the buildings of the ancient city and especially the fortification, which until the foundation of the Greek state seems to have been preserved in a fairly good condition.

The city wall, which was erected around 320 BC and enclosed the settlement, has been preserved in relatively good condition despite its destruction and deterioration over time. In fact, in two places, opposite the naval club on the one hand and the port of Chirolakas on the other, it is visible at least 45 m and 70 m long, respectively. Its careful construction according to the isodic system is particularly distinguished, i.e. with level layers of clay bricks on both sides and an internal filling of earth and loose stones, while rectangular towers measuring 35-45 m2 reinforced the construction from time to time and probably served as a base for war machines. Apart from the above, the fortification is occasionally visible in other places, so that under certain conditions it is possible and identifiable between the newer houses and the modern structures.

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