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Easter in Fokida. Proposals from our Hotel Archontiko Galaxidi

aster in Fokida and Central Greece is a unique and fascinating experience for visitors. The region is known for its customs and traditions that are deeply rooted in history. One such custom is the “Tears of the Virgin” in Amfissa, where locals consume Lenten food and large quantities of tsipouro and ouzo at midday on Good Friday. In Amygdalia, the men participate in the “Easter dance” on Easter Sunday, and in Livadeia, the “pits” tradition is revived, where families and groups gather to roast lambs over a fire and feast on delicious food, wine, and music. Arachova hosts a procession of the Icon of Saint George, followed by a race of the elderly uphill road, and competitions like the stone lift. Finally, in Nafpaktos, hundreds of people gather at the old port to witness the Epitaphs with torches, a spectacular spectacle with fireworks that commemorates the heroic attempt of Anemoyiannis to set fire to the Turkish flagship during the Turkish occupation.

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